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Limit analysis approach for passive earth pressure determination in three-dimensional conditions

Authors: Vrecl-Kojc, H., Škrabl, S.
Key words: Retaining structure, passive pressure, three-dimensional failure mechanism, limit analysis
Source: The International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Pages: 6
Date: 2010-07-01
DOI: 10.3328/IJGE.2010.04.03.319-324

The paper presents non-dimensional coefficients of passive earth pressure influenced by the soil weight Kpγ, and by the surcharge Kpq in tabular form, regarding different geometric and soil parameters. Numerical values afford to reader precise applicability in geotechnical praxis. The coefficients are calculated with a modified three-dimensional (3D) translational kinematical admissible failure mechanism within the framework of the upper-bound theorem of the limit analysis. The 3D coefficient is distinguished from the two-dimensional one, by its growing difference, depending on soil properties and geometrical data. Therefore, these coefficients are very useful at numerical analyses of different kinds of geotechnical problems, where a 3D state gives more exact and realistic results. In comparison to other world-recognized failure mechanisms based on the limit analysis approach the results of this mechanism reached lower values.



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