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Effects of fines on compaction characteristics of poorly graded sands

Authors: Deb, K., Sawant, V.A., Kiran, A.S.
Key words: Compaction, poorly graded sands, plastic and non plastic fines, optimum moisture content, maximum dry unit weight
Source: The International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 6
Date: 2010-04-01
DOI: 10.3328/IJGE.2010.04.02.299-304

For preliminary design and assessment, various researchers have correlated the compaction characteristics with different soil properties. In this study, an effort is made to correlate the compaction characteristics of poorly graded sand with the percentage of fines present in it. Plastic and non plastic fines are added to poorly graded sands in varying quantities and the changes in maximum dry unit weight and optimum moisture content are studied. It has been found from the studies that the addition of fines up to a certain amount increases the maximum dry unit weight of poorly graded sands and the amount of increase depends on the uniformity coefficient value of the sand.



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