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3D slope stability analysis of Rockfill dam in U-shape valley

Authors: Feng, X.Y., Luan, M.T., Xu, Z.P.
Source: Landslides and Engineered Slopes: From the Past to the Future.
Pages: 4
Date: 2008-06-15
Location: Xian, China

By using the method of non-linear elastic-plastic finite element analysis with the software of ABAQUS, the three dimensional slope stability of an earth core rockfill dam constructed in U-shape valley was analyzed. The constitutive model of the materials in the analysis is Mohr-Coulomb model and the factor of safety of the slope is determined by strength reduction method. In the analysis, the development of equivalent plastic strain of dam slope under different strength reduction factors was presented. The final critical state of slope failure is defined as the plastic strain zone run through the slope and the sudden changes of equivalent plastic shear strain and displacement occurred. Compare with the conventional limit equilibrium method, the proposed strength reduction method can not only provide the similar factor of safety, but also the strain and deformation changes of the slope. In addition, in 3D analysis, it can also present a clear spatial sliding surface of the slope.



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