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3-D groundwater modeling for large-scale pumping tests in deep excavations of the Taipei MRT project

Authors: Tan, C.H., Chi, S.Y., Ku, C.Y., Hsu, S.M., Chung, M.C., Lin, K.L.
Source: Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization
Pages: 8
Date: 2008-03-18
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

This study applies the three-dimensional finite difference program MODFLOW to simulate the groundwater flow during the large-scale pumping test for the deep excavation of Taipei MRT project. The simulation is based on the hydrogeological conceptual model, which is according to the numerous and widespread data of geological exploration and groundwater measurement inTaipei basin.The monitoring data of groundwater pressure during the pumping test are also recorded to calibrate the conceptual model and to evaluate the near-field hydraulic parameters of the deep confined aquifer in Taipei Basin. Finally, the successful prediction of the groundwater pressure drawdown during the large-scale pumping test of group wells for the Taipei MRT project is presented.



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