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1G Shaking table experiments on the effect of shaking and vertical shear displacement on buried instrumented pipes?Implications for design

Authors: Sim, W.W., Towhata, I., Sakr, M.A.
Source: Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
Pages: 8
Date: 2009-06-02
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Shaking table experiments were developed and performed to examine the response of instrumented pipes buried in dry sand to imposed vertical shear deformation. The response of the buried pipes is presented in terms of the measured bending moment, from which the resultant earth pressure acting on the pipe is calculated. The influence of several different factors are examined, such as; maximum acceleration, shaking frequency, pipe orientation and the effect of different timing sequences of the imposed shaking and vertical displacement. The use of tire chips as a reused backfill material as mitigation measure was also investigated through the same experimental setup. The experimental findings have potential implications for the design of buried pipelines crossing active, large displacement, faults as well as pipelines buried in slopes or embankments susceptible to earthquake triggered landslides.



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