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2D simulation analysis of failure of rock slope with bedding planes by DEM

Authors: Ise, K., Kusumi, H., Otsuki, S.
Source: Prediction and Simulation Methods for Geohazard Mitigation
Pages: 5
Date: 2009-05-25
Location: Kyoto, Japan

As is known, there are many fractures and discontinuities in rock slope, and these might be often occurred the slope failure. In this paper, we try to clarify the mechanism of slope failure in modeling of rock slope with discontinuities using two dimensional DEM (distinct element method). However, it is difficult for DEM to express both of the continuum and discontinuities. So, we introduce the concept of bonding force, and it is made to be an applicable analysis method for the continuum. In the rock slope model in this simulation, the slope shape and the location of discontinuities can be arbitrarily set. The simulated rock slope has bedding planes, and we are reflected these in the model. Using this model, we try to simulate a failure rock slope, and to visible progress of fractures. As the results of this analysis, it is recognized that the discontinuities are formed surface and internally the rock slope. Moreover, the factors of failure can be visualized.



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