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Equivalence between dry bound macadam and other types of base layers for flexible pavements

Authors: Mateos, A., Ribas Rotger, C.M.
Source: Advances in Transportation Geotechnics
Pages: 6
Date: 2008-08-25
Location: Nottingham, UK

This paper presents the results of the report made by CEDEX for the Government of the Balearic Islands in 2001. The purpose of the research was to allow for the design of pavements with dry bound macadam base layers in correspondence with those included in the Spanish Design Catalogue in force at that time and did not consider macadam any more. Macadam was used frequently in Spain until the 1970s, when its use began to decline, being replaced by the use of graded aggregates, whose production and laying were more easily mechanizable. The objective of the report was to establish an equivalence between the base layers made from graded aggregate and those made from macadam. This equivalence was established from two points of view: empirical and analytical. The conclusion was that the replacement of a graded aggregate base layer by a macadam layer not only is not harmful for the pavement performance but also improves it. Furthermore, this replacement allows for a reduction in the thickness of the macadam layer or bituminous layer.



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