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3D finite element analysis of a deep excavation and comparison with in situ measurements

Authors: Schweiger, H.F., Scharinger, F., Luftenegger, R.
Source: Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground
Pages: 7
Date: 2008-12-09
Location: Shanghai, China

The paper describes the analysis of a deep excavation project in clayey silt in Salzburg. The excavation was supported by a diaphragm wall, a jet grout panel and three levels of struts. Because of insufficient information on the material properties of the jet grout panel the stiffness of it was varied in a parametric study.The effect of taking into account the stiffness of a cracked diaphragm wall on the deformations was also investigated. In some of the 3D calculations a non-perfect contact between diaphragm wall and strut was simulated by means of a non-linear behaviour of the strut. The evaluation of the results and comparison with in situ measurements showed that analyses which took into account the reduced stiffness of the diaphragm wall due to cracking achieved the best agreement with the measurements. Furthermore settlements of buildings could be best reproduced by the three-dimensional model.



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