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21st Century pavement design and maintenance of the English road network

Authors: Ferne, B.W., Gershkoff, D., Wright, M.A.
Source: Efficient Transportation and Pavement Systems
Pages: 15
Date: 2008-11-01
Location: Doha, Qatar

For a number of years the UK Transport Research Laboratory has been working for the English Highways Agency and Department for Transport in developing ever more sophisticated methods for designing and evaluating the 300,000 km road network in the United Kingdom and using this information to design the most economic maintenance treatments. With ever heavier traffic, the emphasis is on techniques that minimise the disruption to traffic and the whole life costs in a sustainable manner. The development of long-life pavement designs, that concentrate on pavements that do not deteriorate structurally, is core to this but designing surface layers that provide the properties required by the road user is also essential. When evaluating such pavements a range of assessment techniques is now available in the UK, from the use of comprehensive condition information measured at traffic speed covering the whole network annually to in-depth assessment techniques targeting specific schemes.



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